The Best Aruba Tours for Your Vacation

People riding on horseback during Aruba tours

Aruba is known for its breathtaking scenery and beautiful Caribbean waters. From watching a stunning sunset to dining at a restaurant on the beach, there are countless ways to take in picturesque views. While you can enjoy self-guided outings, sometimes the best way to explore the island is with a little help. There are several kinds of Aruba tours to choose from, all of which will show off everything this island has to offer. To help you decide which excursions to add to your itinerary, the team at Blue Aruba Rentals has compiled a list of popular options.

Ride Around in a Jeep

A popular way to explore the island is by Jeep. ABC Tours Aruba offers half-day and full-day caravan-style tours, including trips to places like the Natural Pool and Baby Beach. Another excellent option is Isla Aruba Tours, which offers several private tours, including a customized adventure.

Go Below the Surface Snorkeling

Aruba’s picturesque scenery doesn’t stop at the water’s surface. There’s a whole colorful underwater world to explore on snorkeling expeditions. Set sail with De Palm Tours Aruba on one of two different tours, both of which include stops at beautiful locations. For a unique way to reach your snorkeling destination, check out Jolly Pirates Sailing Cruises & Snorkeling.

Set Off Horseback Riding

Not only is the sandy shoreline perfect for romantic strolls, but it’s also the prime location to go horseback riding. There are several services close to our Aruba vacation rentals that are perfect for riders of all ages and skill levels. The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba has a few different rides to choose from, and Rancho La Ponderosa offers both a morning and afternoon excursion.

Reserve a UTV or ATV Ride

Going on an ATV or UTV tour takes you to places other motorized tours can only dream of. For more than six decades, De Palms Tours has been showcasing some of Aruba’s hidden gems courtesy of its off-road UTV tour. Choose from a single or double ATV outing from Kini Kini ATV Tour, and you’ll see landmarks like the Cave Natural Pool and Bushiribana Ruins.

Book Your Aruba Home Base

Before reserving your Aruba tours, it’s important to book your home base from Blue Aruba Rentals. Our inventory includes condo rentals at some of the best properties near Eagle Beach, including Azure Beach, Oceania, and Blue Residences. We also have vacation rentals at Harbour House, located in downtown Aruba. Browse our luxury vacation condos and find your dream rental today!